Herbal Medicine Summer Workshops in Tasmania Manufacturing and Clinical Strategies

Friday, February 15, 2019
2-8 Alveston Drive, Deloraine, Tasmania, 7304.

First Workshop - 4 days. February 15-18 inclusive

The workshop includes demonstrations followed by guidance and supervision while you make your own. With fresh herbs from Sandra’s garden we make medicine strength water infusions and decoctions, hot and cold oil infusions, fresh and dried herb tinctures made with alcohol and with apple cider vinegar, oxymels, honey syrups and fresh juices.Using the juices, tinctures, water infusions, flower essences, essential oils, hydrosols, and oil infusions we teach you to make unique creams, ointments and salves. Then we help you create your own to take home.


Second Workshop/Seminar - Clinical Strategies - 2 days. February 25 - 26 inclusive.

Two master herbalists for two days will present you with case studies to inspire new ideas on
diagnosing causes, unconventional ways to approach what to prescribe and mix, and dosing as a creative strategy for the individual patient.

Presented as a practitioner workshop – with questions and time for discussion. With each case study we explain how we view the causes and show you the thinking that leads us to diagnose the organs and functions that need restoring and rebalancing. You will hear how we design the herb mix; why we chose each herb in the mix; what we expect that body to do with the herbs; the best dose for that patient and why; and how important flower essences can be in treatment.