Mastering the Art of Herbal Medicine

Monday, March 30, 2015
Robertson and online

This course is for professionally qualified Naturopaths and Herbalists who want to learn more about using herbs in their clinical practice.

In this course you will learn traditional philosophies that look at patterns of symptomology and how to match the energetics of human beings with the energetics of herbs.

You will learn to diagnose causes, not just medically named diseases. People with the same symptoms and pathology have their own patterns of organ, endocrine and system weaknesses. Each will respond to different herbs, different blends and different doses.

Learn the art of dosing from a clinician with 30 years experience. Dosing is an art and the requirements for effective results changes for different ailments and for acute and chronic conditions. There is no standard regardless of claims made by "experts". Skilled blending of individual herb mixes and clever dosing can give you and your patient the desired results fast.

Join this group to learn together - with lectures from Linda, case history discussions, personal guidance with your own healing, group and mentoring support in between meetings,  and new ways of thinking about common and current medically named conditions.