skin care from the earth day 2 - skin - pain relief and infection

Saturday, March 14, 2015
Blue Mountains, NSW

Would you like to learn how to use fresh medicinal herbs from your garden to make beautiful restoring products for
your skin? Creams with NO synthetic chemical additives and preservatives? Traditional products with the healing
force of freshness straight from the earth. Using vegetable and nut oils and whole plants, with the help of a few essential                              oils to enhance and preserve, we will make products good enough to eat.

In the morning we learn what plants to use for infections and pain relief. How to prepare them and the best ways to use them. Using     herbs we met on Day 1 plus chamomile, ginger, hypericum, meadowsweet, yarrow, echinacea, california poppy.

In the afternoon we make linaments, compresses, anti-infection and pain relief creams.