COVID-19 protection and immune support 220ml

220mls As a mutation of SARS this virus is also more dangerous and more challenging. The herbs I have put together here are the ones that have been used for thousands of years to support your energy and your immune system to be strong enough to fight such a challenge. The ones that help you clear the fluid from your lungs and keep you warm from the inside so your circulation and your kidneys stay strong. And some of them we know from the recent research work well on the SARS virus. 

My recommendation would be to get the Respiratory Infection mix and this mix. Herbs are the only thing we have that repair and restore normal function of organs and systems.

Modern medicine can keep you alive and herbal medicine repairs you.

Please also download the Newsletter for Fighting Respiratory Infection and Inhaling oils for details and useful information on self care.

licorice, scutellaria baicalensis, elder berries, cinnamon, pueraria montana, dan shen, polygonum, astragalus, angelica sinensis, hawthorn, rheum palmatum, maritime pine, echinacea, reishi, cordyceps, grifola frondosa, ganoderma lucidum, lentinula edodes, coriolus versicolor.