herbal medicine

These products are my own blends designed and revised over many years to give my patients the very best results. The design progress of the creams is described. The stories of the mixes is yet to be written. The claims for what they do are tried and tested - by patients, by their popularity and sometimes by pathology testing - for example the anti-candida mix, the anti - parasite mix. Now I can make them available to everyone with the knowledge that they are safe and effective.

I have been a herbalist all my life. Using herbal medicines effectively takes many years to understand. Apprenticeships to a good teacher were sometimes as long as 10 years. And the teacher was a practicing herbalist. My teacher in college had 30 years of clinical experience.

I have been in clinical practice as a professional fully qualified Medical Herbalist since 1984. Plants that have been used as medicine for thousands of years are the most wondrous life forms we have on the earth. Prescribed for you by someone who knows how to listen to you telling the complex patterns of your individual symptoms; how to assess your constitutional harmony and disharmony; how prescribe and mix the very best blend for you; how to gauge the most effective and easiest dosage for your body they can work miracles.

Prescribed for you by someone who hasn't had good teachers, the right training or qualifications they can be ineffective - or make more unbalance and disharmony in your body. For example - if your life force is low and you are given stimulants - or if you are fighting an infection and your herbs contain too many cooling herbs. Plants are very powerful medicines. They provide us with the means to live and to fight disease. It's time we treated them with respect and stopped poisoning the earth they grow on.

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