part of plant used: 
botanical name: 
Eucalyptus radiata / globulus
alternative names: 
Australian fever tree, Blue gum tree

Rich in essential oil Eucalyptus is a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-spasmodic, stimulant restorative that acts powerfully on respiratory mucus membranes and skin. It’s qualities of cool, dry and moist, pungent and a bit bitter make it a wonderful astringent too. In my creams it works to reduce heat and to clear congestion and infection from injured areas.

scar repair cream

60gm. While I was teaching herbal medicine at a college in Sydney a student asked me if I thought I could make a cream to repair scars for her mother in Canada. Her mother had a bad car accident leaving her with many scars – some deep ones on her face. The scars were 2 years old. I made the cream and the young woman sent it home to her mum. Three weeks later she reported her mother’s scars were much improved and could she send 3 more jars. With four jars she got almost complete repair of her scars.

55gm of oils of sweet almond, wheatgerm, flax seed, castor and rosehip; herb tinctures of comfrey root, comfrey leaf, calendula; beeswax and organic butter; essential oils of lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon; Himalayan Flower Enhancers – vital spark, childrens flower, down to earth; Bach flowers - rescue remedy, walnut, star of bethlehem; Humanifest essences – emerald, moonflower, pink flannel flower.

bruises, sprains and strains cream

60gm. I first created this cream about 30 years ago for my step sons and their father who work in theatre and films building sets. Their accidents and injuries tested my designs beautifully! I improved it over the years until it became the best cream for healing my son, who is a Kung Fu Master teacher, Stuntman, Weapons master and Fight trainer/designer. His pupils use it too – they say it’s the best they can find. I made it to dissolve the blood that has leaked out of broken blood vessels and formed bruising.

55gm of hypericum flowers infused in sweet almond oil; flaxseed and castor oils; beeswax and shea butter; herb tinctures of calendula, comfrey, lavender, arnica, rosemary, cayenne; essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, wintergreen; Himalayan Flower Enhancers – vital spark and let go.