botanical name: 
Foeniculum vulgare
alternative names: 
Sweet Fennel, Wild fennel

Fennel is warm, sweet and dry, relaxing and restoring, astringing and stimulating. Added to my creams it helps to clear inflammation, bruising and sprains, and to repair skin blemishes such as freckles and liver spots. Fennel tea made with crushed fresh seeds is wonderful for soothing eye inflammations such as conjunctivitis.

Radiation clearing and repair herbs 220mls

This mix is used by some of the Chiropractic kinesiologists who have been finding that their patients need help to restore from the damage that daily exposure to technology is doing to their body systems.

The practitioners and their patients are finding great support and easing of their nervous system distresses, normalisation of their heart rates, restoring of their ability to sleep deeply, easing of their digestive systems and relief of symptoms. 

yellow dock, aniseed, fennel, sheeps sorrel, mistletoe, red clover, motherwort, siberian ginseng, lemon balm, dandelion, rose geranium, st.mary's thistle

rose rejuvenation cream

65gm. This one I designed to be a wrinkle prevention cream. At times I have called it fab face food. It really is super skin food. For years I have called it anti-wrinkle cream and it is loved by many. It’s gorgeous and smells heavenly – but I didn’t put the ingredients in to make the smell – I put them in for their effects on the skin. It deserves a better name – so here it is. This one I designed to restore the collagen layer, to prevent it thinning, to keep the circulation to the face healthy.

65gm of lavender, borage, comfrey, fennel, rose, chamomile and rose water; shea butter and beeswax; oils of wheatgerm, jojoba, almond, rosehip, flax seed and evening primrose; essential oils of lemon, rosemary, sweet orange, rose geranium.