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botanical name: 
Mentha x piperata

The leaves of peppermint are a bit sweet, dry, pungent and warming; helping to relax, stimulate, disperse, restore and astringe. Medicinal actions of peppermint are: digestive, carminative, anti-spasmodic, diaphoretic (promotes sweating), anti-emetic (stops vomiting), mild sedative, peripheral vasodilator. It works to activate enzymes and is rich in potassium and magnesium.

In my creams it reduces inflammation, brings warmth and circulation to the area and calms the tissue, thus promoting gentle repair. The essential oil brings increased anti-inflammatory action and pain relief.

Gum Infection Repair 100ml

prevents infection after surgery and repairs chronic infection of the gums. This herbs and oils blend has been one of my standards for a long time - very successful through my patients, their friends and other practitioners - some of those who like to use natural remedies with a long evidence of proven clinical success.

herbal tinctures myrrh, sage, lavender, echinacea, aloe vera, black walnut, golden rod, peppermint, pau d'arco, calendula,oregano, dandelion; essential oils of lavender, lemon eucalyptus, rosemary; organic sweet almond oil

travel protection mix – for gut and immune support 220mls

220mls. After nearly dying in Bali from a gastro-intestinal infection and struggling for years to clear the parasites from my liver I put together this mix to help all travellers. Designed to destroy bacteria, parasites and other dangerous pathogens as they enter your body with the food you eat. Mixed with immune support herbs to keep your immune system in tip top shape this mix has been protecting my clients while travelling all through Asia and South America for more than 25 years.

tinctures of wormwood, echinacea, astragalus, dandelion, oregano, barberry, agrimony, cayenne, withania, myrrh, peppermint,

for respiratory infection with immune support 220mls

220mls Essential for the first aid cupboard. Infections these days are scary and the resistance of so many infections to anti-biotic treatments means that it is essential to have back up treatments. This mix is one I have been making for 30 years. When it doesn't work for my latest infection I remix or redesign it. My clients and I start using it just as soon as we feel the infection start - with that sore throat or headache or runny nose. It often stops the infection before it gets going.

220mls of tinctures of astragalus, liquorice, myrrh, thyme, ginger, echinacea, passionflower, lavender, mullein, sage, elder berries, thuja, peppermint, feverfew, reishi, 5 mushroom mix

anti-inflammatory pain relief cream for joints

60gm. I started making hypericum oil in the early 90s – collecting the fresh flowers in the wild. Taking a picnic and walking and soaking up fresh air – I still love doing it. It is such a powerful healing oil, I began to use it in all my creams and adding it to all new designs. In 2000 one of my favourite long term clients had developed severe back pain and couldn’t sleep. I insisted on spinal Xrays and the Dr insisted on a bone density test. Calcium deposits, or spurs, could be seen on the ends of bones in three spinal process junctions.

55gm of hypericum flowers infused in sweet almond oil; flax seed oil; beeswax and shea butter; herb tinctures of chamomile, horsetail, wild yam, nettles, comfrey root, comfrey leaf, meadowsweet, oregano, cayenne; essential oils of lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, rose geranium, peppermint, lemon.