part of plant used: 
leaves and flowers
botanical name: 
Achillea millefolium
alternative names: 
Milfoil, Nosebleed, Carpenters herb, Ambrosia

Yarrow is sweet, dry, astringent, a bit bitter and cooling. It works to restore, stimulate, relax, astringe and decongest. Medicinal actions are: anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, diaphoretic, haemostatic (stops bleeding),anti-haemorrhagic, anti-pyretic (cooling), anti-rheumatic, diuretic, urinary antiseptic, hypotensive, calmative, digestive tonic.

Traditionally used by the old herbalists mixed with Rose tincture and one of the many anti-bacterial and anti-viral herbs to stop post partum haemorrhage, to help soldiers on the field of battle and internally for many ailments.

vagina repair cream -for anti-inflammatory pain relief 60gm

60gm for soothing inflammation and pain, and healing deep scars after the tearing of births and after surgery or when infections have been damaging. for deep healing from vaginal traumatic experience.

beeswax, shea butter, oils of flax seed,wheatgerm,Hypericum in almond oil,avocado,almond, rosehip,sesame; flower essences – Edward Bach's - rescue remedy, walnut, star of Bethlehem, Himalayan Flower Enhancers - children’s flower, down to earth, vital spark, My flowers - pink flannel flowers; essential oils of rose geranium and lavender; herb tinctures with alcohol removed - Lavender, Comfrey leaf, Comfrey root, Anti-Candida

vaginal douche

100mls. Created some years ago by me for treating infections of the vagina, cervix and uterus. The herbs used are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, soothing, tissue restoring and wound repairing. For my patients this douche has cleared many different infections including thrush, chlamydia and viral warts on the cervix, and around the anus. For clearing some of the most serious infections it may be needed for some months. For post menopausal women the douche can help maintain the integrity of the vaginal walls to support a normal sex life.

herbal tinctures of calendula, echinacea, oregano, thuja, lavender, comfrey, rosemary, yarrow, infused oil of hypericum flowers, essential oils of tea tree, lemon eucalyptus, rose geranium, lavender.

anti-parasite mix 220mls

220mls This mix contains some of the most powerful anti-parasite herbs we know of. The active alkaloid in Chinese wormwood recently tested as the best anti-malarial substance found. This mix has been used by many patients of mine with success. Many now have come with pathology test results showing parasites in stools. After 3-6 months of taking this mix their stool pathology has shown no parasites. Wormwood and cloves have been used for many years now to clear the body of parasites and other infections throughout northern and southern Europe, UK, and the USA.

220mls. tinctures of wormwood, artemisia annua (Chinese wormwood), black walnut, cloves, yarrow, rue, gentian, calendula, catmint

skin repair and protection cream 60gm

60gm. I designed this to be a first aid kit in a jar. It soothes pain and heals wounds while it protects against infection and speeds up all healing. I made it for the builders in the family and then I made it for the babies bottoms burned by the wet nappies. The babies, the gardeners and the builders all love it!

55gm of hypericum flowers infused in sweet almond oil; oils of sweet almond and hemp; beeswax and shea butter; herb tinctures of yarrow, comfrey, calendula, chickweed; essential oils of lavender, tea tree, rosemary.

Hemorrhoid and varicose veins cream

60gm. This cream I first made over 20 years ago for a woman in pain with serious haemorrhoids. This woman phoned to tell me the pain was gone within an hour of applying this cream. This inspired her to keep applying it for some months. Her haemorrhoids had been a problem for years and just a few months of applying this cream repaired her haemorrhoids. Varicose veins and haemorrhoids are created when the walls of blood vessels collapse and create a bubble.

55gm of hypericum flowers infused in sweet almond oil; oils of wheatgerm and flaxseed; beeswax and shea butter; herb tinctures of yarrow, horsechestnut, witchhazel, lavender, chickweed, mullein, comfrey, aloe; essential oils of lavender, lemon and cypress.