Fighting infection

We all need to be more and more vigilant about protecting ourselves from infections carried by others and infections we are carrying. Modern medicine is failing to keep up with the speedy mutations of common and uncommon infections. And their medicines have awful side effects which commonly lead to chronic illness.

Remember to wash your hands regularly during the day, don't hug or kiss people when you are sick, keep your distance from small children and the elderly and vulnerable. Don't let sick people hug or kiss you and try not to shake hands with them.

Have a look at some of the powerful anti- bacterial and anti-viral anti-infection herbs. Regardless of what the media and modern medicine tries to tell us, our herbal pharmacopaeia contains many well researched herbs with long histories of scientifically proven trials - this makes them evidence- based. The tests used by herbal medicine are not the same kind of double blind cross over trials done on groups of 20 people, or injected into animals in cages used by reductivist science.

Herbal medicine has been given to humans for thousands of years and the results have been observed and collected from the individual acounts of the patients themselves. This science is known as empirical science and does not depend on the marketing jargon, competitive strategies, power and greed of modern pharmacy medicine. This knowledge is spread by people who have been helped telling people they care about, and by wise healers and shamans passing on their knowledge with love.

My products contain many of these anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal immune supporting plants medicines and the actions of these products are described on this site alongside the products.