Inhaling oils - to use and make

Inhaling Oils- how to use and make

– to assist recovery from bacterial, mould or fungal infection in sinuses, throat or lungs.


Your inhaling oils mix contains 50% essential oils of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rosemary and Peppermint in equal amounts and 50% sweet almond oil (this slows down evaporation of the volatile oils and acts as a carrier to take the oils in through the skin).


Add 2 caps full (approx 10mls) to a bowl of steaming water, hang your head over the bowl with a towel over your head and the bowl - breathe in the medicated steam deep into your lungs. Make sure the steam doesn't burn your skin - if it is too hot for your face it's too hot for your lungs.


Also – when sinus or respiratory infection is acute use additionally as follows:

1)    Use this oil to rub all over your head, neck and chest -  carefully avoid your eyes.


2)   Use this same oil in a foot bath and add the juice of squeezed garlic to the footbath.

At bedtime cover the soles of your feet in this oil mix with crushed garlic added - to make a paste - wrap cotton around your feet and put a pair of old socks on top.


Recipe for making your own Inhaling oils - in 100ml bottle you can buy from your chemist.


15 mls Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil

10mls Rosemary essential oil

10mls Lavender essential oil

15mls Peppermint essential oil

50mls olive or almond oil


The olive or almond oil holds the essential oils and stops them from evaporating too fast so you get more time to soak them up into your lungs. Maybe you can even reuse it for another treatment.


Your lungs will love this treatment.