Manufacturing Herbal Medicine 2017, Summer Workshops in Tasmania

Manufacturing Herbal Medicine

with Linda Bates and Sandra Parker

Herbal elders Linda Bates and Sandra Parker, with over 30 years of clinical experience each, will teach you to manufacture medicines for a professional dispensary and for your home.


Linda Bates is a traditional western Herbalist trained by Dorothy Hall and the women of her family. She works with plants and bodies for the healing of physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of ill-ness. As a 4th generation herbalist and medicine woman, she has more than 30 years of professional and clinical experience. 

Since 1984 she has been designing herbal mixes, skin repair creams, douches and herbal oils for her clients. Since 1993 she has been organically growing or wild crafting most of her own herbs in the Blue Mountains, making tinctures & creams from them and teaching others how to do it too.



Sandra Parkeris a traditional western Herbalist. She has been consulting, creating and manufacturing medicines for 30 years. For the last 20 she has been living in the pristine Nth of Tasmania, growing the herbs in her Permaculture garden to produce the remedies and creams/balms for her patients.


In 2015 they presented the Pindari Summer Workshops together.. With their clinical experience, their common love of herbs and all things healing they inspire each other and anyone listening.


This 4 day workshop in Sandra’s garden , in the beautiful  town of Deloraine, Tasmania will include lunch on a Ginseng Farm ( )and a visit to Marleen Herbs (  to see their unique organic and biodynamic growing methods, their commercial manufacturing systems and meet the herbs they grow.​


The workshop will include demonstrations followed by guidance and supervision while you make your own –  medicine strength water infusions and decoctions, hot and cold oil infusions,  fresh and dried herb tinctures made with alcohol and with apple cider vinegar, oxymels, syrups and cordials, fresh juices (succus), flower essences and your own apple cider vinegar. Using juices, tinctures, water infusions, flower essences, essential oils, hydrosols, and oil infusions we show you how to make very special creams, ointments and salves. Then we help you create your own. We teach you about harvesting, garbling and comminution as we all prepare our fresh picked herbs to use. And you get to take home most of what you make.

For information and bookings:




Cost: $1100 for 4 day workshop.

a.m. and p.m. tea and lunch



Venue: 50, Weston Street,

Deloraine, Tasmania. 7304


Dates: Workshop 1: Friday Jan.

27th - Monday Jan 30th inclusive.


Workshop 2: Friday Feb 3rd -

Monday Feb 6th inclusive.


Time: 9.30am – 4pm.


Does NOT incl. accommodation.