Winter care Newsletter August 2014




August 2014   NEWSLETTER 1


It’s the middle of winter and we’re all feeling a bit cold here in Sydney even though we don’t need our overcoats till after 4 p.m. and it’s easy to forget our scarves when we go out. The daily temperature is often the same as London in the middle of summer and sometimes my English herbs in the garden don’t get cold enough to go to sleep underground but they still shiver a bit and don’t have much energy to give. So I don’t make medicines with them in winter. I let them rest. Like us they need to be warm to produce life force.

Cold weather equals hibernation time. When you go out in winter wrap yourselves up and remember your scarf.

In winter it takes lots of energy to keep us warm from the inside and this can leave us a bit tired and vulnerable. Our life force is like a fire inside which supports the functioning of all systems. I add boiling water to 1/3 glass of apple or pineapple juice for my winter hydration drinks – about 4 x daily. Or I make lovely warming herb teas. Cold water straight into my stomach will stop my digestive juices flowing for a while and take energy to warm my tummy up and get me ready to receive a meal.

In cold weather I make myself regular drinks of grated ginger and boiling water with honey and I swallow the lumps of ginger. Minutes later a warm glow starts from deep inside my tummy and spreads itself right through my body. Here’s some ideas for warming teas:

Lavender, ginger and chamomile tea – for a great night’s sleep

Add 5 broken up lavender flowers to a mug with 2 chamomile tea bags. Add boiling water and honey. Leave for 20-30 mins. Press through a small sieve/ tea strainer. Add half an inch of grated ginger. Drink just before getting into bed and swallow the ginger.

Thyme,  rosemary,  peppermint, sage, lemon, ginger and honey teafor fighting a cold

Make a pot of tea with 500mls boiling water poured onto 50gms of a freshly picked and finely chopped mix of thyme, rosemary, sage and 6 peppermint tea bags. Leave to infuse for 30 mins to 40 mins.

Into a mug add a very large heaped teaspoon of honey and a very small amount of boiling water. Stir to dissolve the honey then grate 3 inches of fresh ginger and add this to the mug. Fill mug up with the herb tea and juice of half a lemon. Drink the lot and swallow ALL the ginger.

        Oregano/ Marjoram and Rosemary bring warmth into the body and are both anti-viral, anti-bacterial and they restore circulation. Ginger restores the lungs and digestion.

Lavender, rosemary, thyme and oregano don’t go to sleep in winter. They hang around waiting to help us. Lavender flowers beautifully in winter ready to be used. If you want to know more about how wonderful lavender is for your body check out my website and have a look under talks, you’ll find one on lavender.

Eucalyptus oil lends itself to properly cleaning everything from disinfecting kitchen benches and chopping boards and destroying bacteria, fungus and viruses on cuts and scratches. This magic oil can be used to wash mouldy clothes and kill mould spores on the bathroom walls and to kill mould and fungus infections in our bodies.

You can add 2 drops of the best quality eucalyptus oil to a teaspoonful of honey and place it in your mouth – swilling it around your throat to kill any bacteria that may be causing a sore throat. Three times daily for the first couple of days of an infection will help enormously. For a cough this old tactic is brilliant:

Mix up Essential Oils of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rosemary and Peppermint(or just Eucalyptus if that's all you have) in equal amounts and double your quantity by adding sweet almond oil (this slows down evaporation of the volatile oils - and acts as a carrier to take the oils in).

Add 1-2 caps full to a bowl of steaming water, hang your head over the bowl with a towel over your head and the bowl - breathe in the medicated steam deep into your lungs. Make sure the steam doesn't burn your skin - if it is too hot for your face it's too hot for your lungs.

       Use this oil to rub all over your head, neck and chest - carefully avoid your eyes.

For more information about fighting infections and candida and helping your body please check out my info sheets in the list of Newsletters on my website. You can download them free. And please tell your friends or send on this newsletter.  

You will also find herb mixes there to help you fight infections. You can read about them and purchase them, or email me for advice.

Growing and sharing herbs is a way to love people and the earth.

My next workshop will be in Nambucca Heads on Immunity. More Skin Care workshops  will happen in the Blue Mountains in springtime along with herb collecting walks.  I hope to be starting workshops in Sydney in spring too. Dates and flyers will be sent out soon.

Online courses will be available later this year and in October I start teaching a course to support new professional practitioners. Details will be on my website very soon.

                        With love and blessings, keep well.