part of plant used: 
botanical name: 
Lavandula officinalis and angustifolia

Lavender flowers are dry, bitter, pungent, cool with warming potential and works to calm, relax, disperse, stimulate and restore. One of the most broad acting and powerful medicines in the world, its actions are anti-depressive, anti-spasmodic, antiseptic, calminative, sedative, anti-convulsant, anti-microbial . Rich with essential oil these flowers regulate and stimulate circulation, relieve pain, restore nerves, clear heat, reduce fever, dispel cold, relax muscles, ease anxiety, relieve depression. The essential oil applied directly to the skin after a burn is the best thing for healing while preventing infection, speeding up tissue repair and preventing scarring. In my creams it works magic.

Traditionally used internally and externally as inhalations, tinctures, essential oils, teas, infusions, perfumes, relaxing baths, washes, creams, linaments, douches and enemas for everything from respiratory infections, headaches, back pain, coughs, irritable bowel and colitis, to eczema, ulcers, ear infections, eye infections and insect bites.