part of plant used: 
leaves and flowers
botanical name: 
Urtica dioica
alternative names: 
Stinging nettles

Nettles are sweet and salty, cool, astringent and dry. They work to restore, nourish, stabilize, support and dissolve. The medicinal actions of nettles are: blood tonic, antiseptic, tonic and astringent, haemostatic (arrests bleeding), vasodilator, hypotensive, circulatory stimulant, re-mineraliser, anti-rheumatic, anti-haemorrhagic, mild diuretic.

In my creams it helps to tone and astringe (tighten). Rich in minerals it supports restoring the skin and strengthening blood vessel walls while dissolving deposits and broken blood vessels that may be congesting the area. Traditionally nettles were used as healing compresses for painful degenerative diseases of the tendons, muscles and joints.