part of plant used: 
leaves and flowers
botanical name: 
Rosmarinus officinalis
alternative names: 
Rose of the sea, Sea dew

Rosemary is sweet, warm, pungent and dry. It works to restore, stimulate, dissolve and astringe. The medicinal actions of rosemary are: anti-bacterial, anti-depressant, anti-spasmodic, antiseptic, circulatory tonic, sedative. It is used in European pharmacy to strengthen the heart and allay arteriosclerosis.

Traditionally used in linaments to repair stiff and painful muscles and joints; and in chest rubs to relieve respiratory distress; and in hair/head oils to help repair circulation and encourage hair regrowth.

In my creams and linaments it brings warmth and stimulates circulation repair, restores nerves, reduces infection, relieves pain, resolves damp and congestion, promotes tissue repair and tones the skin.