part of plant used: 
leaves and flowers
botanical name: 
Filipendula ulmaria
alternative names: 
Queen of the meadow, Bridewort, Sweet hay

Meadowsweet is astringent, bitter, cool, a bit sweet, moistening and drying – depends what the body needs. It works to stimulate, disperse, dissolve and decongest. The medicinal actions of meadowsweet are: antacid, anti-rheumatic, stomachic, internal antiseptic, diaphoretic (induce increased perspiration), diuretic, hepatic (helps the liver), anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory, urinary analgesic ( soothes urinary tract and relieves pain), anti-coagulant (stops blood clotting).

In my creams it works as an anti-inflammatory that clears heat and congestion from the joints, repairing and strengthening connective tissue while relieving pain. It contains salicylic acid, which aspirin is made from. In addition meadowsweet contains other ingredients that work to heal the causes of the pain.