witch hazel

part of plant used: 
twig bark and leaves
botanical name: 
Hamamelis virginiana
alternative names: 
Winter bloom, Virginian pistachia
witch hazel

Witch hazel is cooling, dry and astringent. It works to decongest, solidify, astringe and stabilize. The medicinal actions are: haemostatic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and cleansing astringent. It acts on hyper-relaxed tissue, promoting astriction and clearing internal damp congestion. It contains flavanoids which strengthen the collagen matrix and therefore tone and restore normal tissue. As a haemostatic it stops bleeding, and haemorrhage, removing venous blood stagnation as it repairs the vessel walls. And it’s content of quercetin make for anti-histamine actions too.

This makes witch hazel one of the finest wound healing first aid remedies in the world. Traditionally used for broken blood vessels of the skin in beauty treatments and for applying neat to all kinds of wounds and skin problems.

In my creams it is a vital ingredient in the mix to heal painful haemorrhoids and varicose veins.