Radiation clearing and repair herbs 220mls

This mix is used by some of the Chiropractic kinesiologists who have been finding that their patients need help to restore from the damage that daily exposure to technology is doing to their body systems.

The practitioners and their patients are finding great support and easing of their nervous system distresses, normalisation of their heart rates, restoring of their ability to sleep deeply, easing of their digestive systems and relief of symptoms. 

Of course when you detox the liver and blood with some of these herbs - the ability of the body to function with comfort and ease is restored.

Herbs - the first medicine. So successful that modern medicinal science was built on the back of herbal medicine. Their evidence base - tested and trialled for thousands of years on happy humans.

yellow dock, aniseed, fennel, sheeps sorrel, mistletoe, red clover, motherwort, siberian ginseng, lemon balm, dandelion, rose geranium, st.mary's thistle